Fields of operation

  • National approvals for construction products
  • Notified TAB acc. 305/2011 (EU) for construction products
  • Member of EOTA
  • Member of WFTAO
  • Member of UE​ATc
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     ETA Danmark and ETV

    ETA-Danmark A/S is a subsidiary in Danish Standard, and is the Danish verification body for Environmental Technology Verification.

    The scheme is established in a partnership with five Danish technological service centers, which provides experts and test facilities for the verification procedure. The partners are DHI, Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology and DELTA.

    ETA-Danmark is accredited by the Danish Accreditation DANAK according to EN 17020 for performing environmental technology verifications.

    The accreditation covers all seven technology areas:

    • Water(EU)
    • Materials and resources(EU)
    • Energy(EU)
    • Soil and groundwater
    • Cleaner processes
    • Agriculture
    • Air and pollution

    The (EU) signifies the three technology areas covered by the EU ETV Pilot programme.

    ETA-Danmark is deeply involved in the EU ETV Pilot programme and are committed to work for the success of the pilot programme.

    ETA-Danmark has more than 40 years of experience in assessing performance and verifying performance claims for innovative technologies.